December 15th, 2010

Mike Rotsaert and Jacob Barkey lapping the Park Chair at Breck

Another rainy early morning drive to the airport.. This must be another awesome trip to Colorado with the Simple Snowboarding crew!! Mikey Rotsaert, Mikey Ciccarelli, Tyler Nicholson, Coulton Conway, Trevor Niblett, Drew Branson, Brennan Cruse, Jacob Barkey and Coaches Elliot Catton and Sam Marcotte all jumped on a flight to get some early season riding and competing under the belt! Our first day at Breckenridge was sunny, with no wind and around -5 or warmer all day.

Everyone was feeling a little shaky for the first few laps with new gear and lack of riding for months. By the afternoon everyone was back in the groove and getting all of their old tricks back. We called it an early day as everyone was feeling the Ontario shaky-legs. We hit up Woodward at Copper pretty much every evening for some tech trampoline and foam pit fun!! The second day of riding for the crew, we decided to hit up Keystone… over 30 jibs and 7 jumps! Everyone preferred the jibs rather than the jumps, so we worked on getting everything back and learning a few new tricks as well. Coulton Conway caught up with fellow DC rider and high roller Torstein Horgmo on the way up to the Gondola and was fired up to ride as usual.  The whole crew seemed to have their game back and was having a blast! The rest of the trip was a blur of back rodeo’s, switch backside and cab spinning.. Not to mention the numerous rail combos, games of S-N-O-W, where not many letters were given out as everyone seemed to step up when they needed to and got the tricks dialed in… Hordes of different combo’s were going down as well as spin on and spin off tricks. Mother Nature was not to be outdone by all of the man-made fun and decided to blast Colorado high country with powder snow on the last day of riding for some of the crew. Coulton, Drew, Mikey R and Sam all pounded their legs at Breckenridge, where we spotted fellow Canadian Coaches Chris Witwicki and Mike Stastook and Co. with grins from ear to ear after waist deep runs up on the T-Bar. We took to the pow park for the rest of the day and threw ourselves around and stomped some super fun tricks before retiring exhausted to the Gondola for the ride back down… Meanwhile Mikey C, Trevor and Elliot found sick tree runs and bombed some open mogul sections at Copper Mountain before making their way to the Halfpipe for Grand Prix practice. The boys rode well and started to get their tricks dialed.   A great way to finish up the trip for some of the crew.. We made our way back to Ontario and left 4 of the team behind to compete and polish up their skills.. Another awesome trip! We can’t wait for the annual spring trip as things are setting up well for a great spring park at Breck!  We got home just in time to find Ontario getting absolutely dumped on with snow!! Check the Gallery Below and look for the Colorado trip edit, popping up soon in the Videos section..

Simple’s 2010 Season Opener – Colorado Trip from Simple Snowboarding on Vimeo.

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